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Consultation and Psychotherapy

  • Day Care Programme: In patient detoxification followed by two week out patient group therapy sessions.

  • Packages for out patient and Group Therapy Sessions.

  • Home visits after by Alcohol Counselor.

  • Training Programmes for Social workers, Police, Teachers and health care professionals.

  • Comprehensive services for psychiatric illness, Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Dementia, Schizophrenia and other Psychological problems at Asha Hospitals.

  • Psychotherapy, counseling, Behavior therapy and Psychiatric testing services.

  • Well ventilated, furnished accommodation for inpatients, comfortable arrangements for visitors and out patients.

  • Accommodation facilities for family members during therapy when required.

  • Recreation facilities, Yoga classes and internet access for the patients.

  • Emphasis on continuing education for the staff.

  • Library.